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Mielke Electronics was established in 1985.

Our core business is design and production of radio transmission devices.

Many of our products are to be used in various alarm systems. They are suitable for anti-attack systems, remote controlled systems, direct data transmission from main alarm stations to peripheral devices or security guards and signal transmission from CCTV cameras.

Our devices are based on Microchip system of variable code data transmission. Functioning stability is guaranteed by use of newest technologies and parts (for example - surface radio-wave resonator (resonator fali powierzchniowej).

We also manufacture various transmitters, receivers, customized trans-receivers of low power working on frequency up to 2,4 GHz.

Above that we also manufacture:

- antennas (1/4 , 5/8),
- radio-controlled paralyzing device (paralizator) modulus 200kV;
- any kind of customized device;
- transmitter and time boards for alarm systems.

Mielke Electronics provides maintenance and service of any transmitters and receivers (for example - KP. Electronics AT 22xx transmitter).

We offer discounts to our regular customers

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